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Copyright registration with Copyright Witness is the fast, effective and low cost way to protect your work from infringement and misuse, by ensuring you always have the best evidence of ownership to protect your work and your rights.

Whether you are a author, photographer, song writer, designer, artist, film maker, software maker, website creator, company or individual, if you produce original work, it is important to protect your intellectual property. Our registration centre provides the very best secured back up and archive management for your work, meaning we can ensure that you always have evidence to support you in any future disputes.

We hold registered copies of thousands of works including:

  • Music and lyrics
  • Commercial documents and advertising
  • Web sites
  • Software
  • Designs and logos
  • Artwork, illustrations and paintings
  • Photographs
  • Written documents, scripts, books, manuscripts and poems
  • Film footage, plays and TV programmes
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • ...and many more

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