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About Copyright Registration: what happens when work is registered? what work should be registered? and what to do in the event of infringement.
About the Copyright Registration Service, and how they compare to so called 'alternatives'.
Our international copyright registration service provides fast, and effective evidence of copyright ownership to help prove and protect the rights of copyright owners.
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As copyright is an automatic right proving your claim may be a very difficult matter without proper evidence to back you up. All too often it boils down to a case of ‘their word against yours’. Without proper protection, something you have created could end up making money for someone else.
We are established specialists in copyright protection, and operate fast comprehensive and secure registration facilities that protect your work on an worldwide level.
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How fast are copyright registrations processed and protected?
For maximum protection, registration should be carried out before the work becomes available for others to see; i.e. before you publish your work online, or send it to publishers, agents, etc.